Storage Units in Johannesburg – Reasons to have them?

Sometimes, there just isn’t really adequate space for all your possessions and organizing storage, on top of moving can be a true blessing in disguise or a vicious dread tale. You do need another, hassle-free, cost-effective option for your valuables and EeziSpace recognizes that, which is why we have the best storage units in Johannesburg.


Storage is terrific if you’re having to vacate one home prior to your other home being ready, like when you’ve sold your old home, however the building aren’t complete on the new one. Having a dependable storage unit business saves you needing to figure out exactly what to do with your stuff.

It’s also a great idea when you have way too much household furniture for your brand-new home, and absolutely no where to store it on your own and while garages and cellars are wonderful for short-term storage, they typically aren’t secured, in many cases from the elements, nor, perhaps guaranteed from accidents, such as fires or flood. Garages and cellars also, while accessible, might also need to be used for other items.

Organizing storage units in Johannesburg

If you’re moving cross country, it is always great to investigate, carefully, by phone and preferably, personally, just how much ease of access you’ll have to your furnishings and personal belongings, and exactly what kind of notice you have to give. You’ll also need to calculate exactly what is going into storage and just how much area you’ll require for everything. Fortunately, we have a nifty estimator you can use free of charge or you can send us a quick message and we’ll work it our for you. Use the quick contact form to the right —>

Storage companies are generally big storage facilities or lockups that you can hire and vary in size from a container space to a location big enough to save a complete home. Make sure that you choose one that is highly secure and free from pests and soot.

When you move your valuables to storage units you’ll be provided a list of personal belongings that you’re checking in and you ought to inspect during that time that everything is safe and secure, covered and heaped or positioned well. Our expert personnel will be sitting tight to offer guidance and provide tranquility of mind!

“The service provided by the team has been phenomenal.  The staff are very friendly and professional, and continuously go beyond the call of duty.  The facility is also very well looked after and very competitively priced.  I run a small business and have appreciated the support provided to me particularly where I am not available to receive deliveries.  Highly recommended!”  Mlungisi Mahlangu

“I have been very happy with the service, impeccable cleanliness, friendly staff, safe and well-run facilities at Eezispace while I have had my storage unit for the last 2 years. I can highly recommend Eezispace to anyone looking for storage units. Thank you to the team!”  Lauren Smit

“By far the very best Storage units in Sandton and in South Africa, actually! Such friendly staff and all units are highly secure and well-kept!” – JD Bekker

“Loved the friendliness of the staff.” Peter Botha

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