Secure Storage in Johannesburg

EeziSpace provides the very best security and safety systems that assures all your assets and important documents are kept safe and safe at all times. Storage facilities in Sandton can certainly not compete with our professional security services and with our company, you are promised safety and confidence for we are the most reliable secure storage in Johannesburg, by far!

Our security services include:

  • A 24 Hr guard service.
  • Boundary electrical fencing.
  • A reliable, interior burglar alarm that is linked to professional armed response.
  • An exterior burglar alarm that is linked to efficient armed response services.
  • CCTV system throughout the perimeter.
  • An internal CCTV camera system that is positioned throughout the passages and entries in the building.
  • All our storage units are dirt and pest free. We guarantee a clean environment for all your possessions and assets.
  • We have a comprehensive and highly specialized smoke detection system throughout the facility.

    Security is the one of the most important aspects of our business, and our attention to detail in all of our security systems is exactly what sets our company apart.

    If you’re seeking a secure storage price that’s affordable, then you’ve come to the right page: The professional and all inclusive services offered by EeziSpace are sure to exceed our clients’ expectations.

    Not only do we offer a range of unit sizes at affordable prices, but we will also customize storage space for individual clients who are in need of a specific size or shape. We will build a personalized unit specifically designed with our customer‘s needs in mind. All of these storage units are secure and private.

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“By far the very best Storage units in Sandton and in South Africa, actually! Such friendly staff and all units are highly secure and well-kept!” – JD Bekker

“The service provided by the team has been phenomenal.  The staff are very friendly and professional, and continuously go beyond the call of duty.  The facility is also very well looked after and very competitively priced.  I run a small business and have appreciated the support provided to me particularly where I am not available to receive deliveries.  Highly recommended!”  Mlungisi Mahlangu

“Loved the friendliness of the staff.” Peter Botha

“I have been very happy with the service, impeccable cleanliness, friendly staff, safe and well-run facilities at Eezispace while I have had my storage unit for the last 2 years. I can highly recommend Eezispace to anyone looking for storage units. Thank you to the team!”  Lauren Smit

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