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In case your looking for storage units, you’ve found the right place… EeziSpace, not only provides secure, well-maintained and affordable storage, but can also help you determine what storage unit size you need.


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Choosing a Storage Unit Size at EeziSpace

Hiring a storage unit is really convenient and in demand, and today more consumers than ever are relying on storage units for easy space remedies. Whether you just need to store a couple of boxes or need to preserve an entire home on ice, there certainly are a few essential points to keep in mind before renting a storage unit.

Do you need long-term storage or is this just a temporary need?Storage units size image

The ideal thing to do prior to you rent a storage unit is to go through your things and cleanup. It does not make sense to pay for storage if you can maximize some room in your home by giving away, selling off or throwing away items that you no longer require or desire. Just how much storage space do you have use for?

As soon as you’ve cleared out some of your valuables, and you do need to rent a storage unit, be sure to book the ideal size. Too small and you could be endangering your valuables by having to stuff them in. Too big and you’ll be squandering money. Picking the suitably sized storage space for your needs isn’t always easy; after all, if you reserve a unit that is too small everything might not fit. Too large and you wind up spending more than necessary.

Learn how you can reserve the right sized storage unit for your home with these suggested sizes:

At EeziSpace Self Storage we have a useful space estimator, where you can add the items you’re planning to store and the calculator will give you a suggestion of the space you require. Feel free to use it here: Click me for the Storage Space Estimator

Small Sized Units or mini storage, begin at 6-7m ² or 2m x 3m.  A 6-7m ² storage space approximately equals one basic sized room of furniture or office supplies.

Medium Sized Storage Units begin at 8-9m ². This storage units is about 1,5 normal-sized children’s bedrooms.

Large Sized Storage Units begin at about 12m ² storage space, which approximately equals 2 normal children rooms or a big garage.

Extra Large Sized Storage Units are 16-18m ², which is generally able to hold the content of a larger home or a averaged-sized home along with garage and/or shed content.

It’s commonly necessary to stand some items upright or take other steps to shield them from hefty weight, pressure, stains or other hazards. Remember, fine pieces, antiques or other fragile items may call for more space given that they can not be easily stacked. And you may also need climate controlled storage for those items. Always get a little more space than expected to make up for last-minute adjustments, overlooked items and packing materials. You may also require additional storage space for sensitive items due to larger-than-average packing. They are often bulky and may require additional storage space in addition to the regular contents of your home.


“The service provided by the team has been phenomenal.  The staff are very friendly and professional, and continuously go beyond the call of duty.  The facility is also very well looked after and very competitively priced.  I run a small business and have appreciated the support provided to me particularly where I am not available to receive deliveries.  Highly recommended!”  Mlungisi Mahlangu

“Loved the friendliness of the staff.” Peter Botha

“By far the very best Storage units in Sandton and in South Africa, actually! Such friendly staff and all units are highly secure and well-kept!” – JD Bekker

“I have been very happy with the service, impeccable cleanliness, friendly staff, safe and well-run facilities at Eezispace while I have had my storage unit for the last 2 years. I can highly recommend Eezispace to anyone looking for storage units. Thank you to the team!”  Lauren Smit

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